Main Rules.

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Main Rules.

Post by Robot on Tue Sep 09, 2008 1:53 am

Do not abuse the forum.
Do not pretend to be a admin or a moderator if your just a user.
Do not decide to hack a account, the admins will be checking the Who's online module on the admin control panel, if we see you using another IP, we will PM you and find out what happened. if you do not answer the PM within 30 mins and your still online. you will recieve a board warning.
We do not want hackers on the site.
Do not try to access password protected areas, that is classed as hacking (unless you have the permissions to)
Do not Spampost, (do not have your posts more than 75 characters, if you wish to spam. then make your own forum to do that.)

(Do not abuse the Gallery, that is adding more than 75 pics per user, we will check how many photos you have.)

If you wish to abuse these rules, you will recieve 3 warnings, after that, your Profile will be banned and your IP will be banned too.

once your banned, you can Email me so i can tell you why you were banned and maybe i might allow you back on the site. but only MAYBE

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